Chapter 11: Cultivating Peace

Forthcoming: Highlights from my work at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and afterwards as a consultant working on my own and with Jacques under the auspices of our company SAS2 Dialogue. Rebels in Nagaland in northeastern India, peacemakers in Central America, archers in Bhutan and high school drop outs in northern Canada challenged me to walk the talk, and forced me to do better. Successes, and failures, both point to what is and what could be the path of activism informed by research and guided by the people most directly involved.

Photo: "Since the Japan War, you are the first white man I've seen." Naga farmer near the border with Myanmar.

Photo: Attendees a the Washington, D.C. conference on Conflict and Collaboration in Natural Resource Management, sponsored by IDRC and The World Bank.

Photo: The University of Peace students and faculty of a program on Conflict and Collaboration in Natural Resource Management.

Photo: A Bhutanese youth sharing thoughts on how to integrate indicators of "Gross National Happiness" into the school evaluation and improvement system.

Photo: Cree women assessing the individual skills they need to develop on their path to High School graduation.

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