Anabdide Ag Tabalboulele is a Tuareg from Mali who lost his leg in the regional conflict and took refuge in Burkina Faso. I met him in a refugee camp outside of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in 2015 and decided to raise funds to buy him a welding machine, small anvils, hammers and snips he wanted to set up a small business. He makes chairs and tables for a local market. He and his family need help to purchase welding supplies to keep the business going in light of rising costs. Target: $2,000.   DONATE HERE.

The Katkari are a former "Criminal Tribe" in western Maharashtra facing extreme forms of discrimination and exploitation, including eviction from their homes on the outskirts of agricultural communities where they have lived for several generations. My friend Rajeev Khedkar, who has worked with them for decades, is putting in place a project to reforest degraded lands the Katkari have recently acquired from the Government of India in recognition of their ancestral claims. Your contribution will help him set up the certification systems needed to make these forests eligible for carbon offsets in the context of climate justice.

Target: $4,000. DONATE HERE.


My friend Farhad Mazhar helped me think differently about how to respond to people with hungry faces knocking at the window of the car as we made our way through the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh. "Give, if you want. But remember that you have no other relationship to this human being."


This book is about my relationships to people and causes I know well and believe in. I'm seeking your help to support three, described below. If you know me, or feel that reading my stories has brought you into a meaningful relationship with me, then please give even if the people and the issues are not your own. 


Any funds I collect as a result of your generous giving will go to causes in need through a GoFundMe site. It offers the lowest cost administrative tool I could find to do the money management. If you want to avoid banking fees altogether, send me your donation as an email bank transfer (dbuckles(a)

Nobopran Andolon is a cultural movement in Bangladesh that reclaims popular philosophical discourses known as Bhokti-Sufi-Boyati traditions. These cultural and oral knowledge practices persistently challenge various forms of hierarchical oppression such as caste, class, and patriarchy. Farida Akhter and Farhad Mazhar support this movement by running a school of music for peasant children in Kushtia, the original home of Lalon Shah, a prominent 19th century composer of songs in this tradition. UNESCO identified this tradition as "a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.  

Target: $5,000.  DONATE HERE